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Highlight Updates The Appendices and Indexes

Appendix A, infra, reprints the federal Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act (MVICSA), also known as the federal odometer act, and other federal statutes relating to automobile fraud. Appendix B, infra, does the same for federal regulations. Appendix C, infra, is a unique resource, summarizing for each state a series of statutes that apply to automobile fraud cases. Appendix D, infra, is a summary of state statutes, regulations, and interpretations affecting yo-yo sales. Appendix E, infra, provides instructions on how to obtain title histories and related documents in each state. The individual state forms to apply for a title search are available as companion material to the digital version of this treatise, found under Practice Tools>Title Search Forms. Appendix F, infra, lists state agencies that license automobile dealers.

Appendix G, infra, lists some of the pleadings that are available, generally in Microsoft Word format, as companion material to the online version of the treatise. Appendix H, infra, is a list of websites that are useful in automobile fraud cases. The digital version of this appendix features live links. Both the print and digital versions of this treatise include an index.