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1.2.1 Introduction

This treatise focuses on the misrepresentation and nondisclosure of a vehicle’s adverse history. Subsections 1.2.2 to 1.2.13, infra, provide a summary of the twelve most common areas of such abuse, with cross-references to the appropriate sections and appendices of the treatise to help readers quickly find relevant material (these are live links in the digital version of this treatise). All of these and other related frauds are treated together in one treatise because the investigational techniques involved are quite similar, the same legal claims may be available, and the same litigation issues arise.

Another area of abuse in the sale of motor vehicles is “yo-yo sales” in which the consumer believes ownership has been transferred, but the dealer considers itself still to have the right to back out of the deal. Yo-yo sales are treated in detail in Chapter 4, infra, and a checklist summarizing yo-yo sale issues is found in § 1.2.14, infra. A final topic covered in this treatise is sublease scams, in which a broker allegedly arranges for another consumer to take over a consumer’s car payments. A checklist concerning this scam is found in § 1.2.15, infra, and the scam is discussed in § 4.8, infra. For other types of motor vehicle frauds not covered in this treatise see §§ 1.3, 1.4, infra.