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Here are some common help topics and questions. We hope the answers can help you find your way around the NCLC Digital Library, but feel free to contact us if you still need help.

How do I login?

"Login" is located on the upper-right corner of the website. To log in, enter your username or email address and password. If you forget your username/password, please click on the link "Forgot my username or password" to recover them and follow the on-screen instructions, or call Publications at (617) 542-9595.

Additional Usernames

Additional usernames gives you the flexibility to add users within your office to your subscription. Usernames attached to a main account are significantly less expensive than purchasing individual accounts.

Each username has its own password and allows access to content even while other user names are logged in. Each username is personalized with individual bookmarks, recently viewed pages, and viewing preferences.

Additional usernames do not have access to the master account’s information and thus cannot change without permission any of the subscription options or other information in the master account and cannot purchase additional products billed to the master account.

If you have not yet subscribed to a title, you can add additional usernames as part of your purchase process for that title. If you have already purchased a subscription and wish to increase or decrease the number of additional usernames linked to a subscription, please contact NCLC. Also if you wish to purchase more than one copy of the same print treatise, contact NCLC. Each additional printed treatise includes an additional username linked to the master account.

You can assign additional usernames to people in your office by going My Account > Additional Usernames > Manage Usernames.

For more information, please contact us.

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To annotate or highlight text, select it and click the icon that appears. Find out more here.

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Bookmarking Content

Bookmarks allow you to easily save pages that you wish to find again. To “bookmark” a page, look for the flag shaped icon in the upper-right corner of a treatise page (within "My Treatises"). Click that icon and the “bookmark” will be placed.

To access your existing bookmarks for a particular treatise, Click on the contents tab in the left pane while viewing the treatise. At the top of the contents is "My Bookmarks." Click to view a list of your bookmarks. To delete a bookmark simply click the “trash icon” on that page.

You can also access the bookmarks for all your subscriptions from the homepage on the left hand side under the tab “bookmarks.”

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Contacting Us

We value your feedback, questions, and concerns. Please click the Contact link at the top of any page.

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You can copy any material online and paste it into a document. If a right click does not show a "copy" option, use Control C (or Command C for Mac users). If text is highlighted, and you wish to copy all or some of the highlighted text, you must first select the text to be copied.

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Credit Card Information

Subscriptions are renewed automatically using the credit card information on file in “My Account” under the “Payment Information” tab. There you can update the expiration date or add a different card. To access “My Account” click on your username in the upper-right and select “My Account.”

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Downloading Content

Content may be downloaded on a subsection by subsection basis. When you are browsing a treatise, simply click the box with a downward arrow in the upper-right hand corner, to download a pdf of the full text of the current web page, including relevant footnotes and links. Clicking on pleadings, primary sources, or practice tools within your subscription will also automatically download those documents. Most pleadings will be in Word format and other documents will be in PDF format.

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Emailing Content

Content may be emailed on a subsection by subsection basis. When you are browsing a treatise, simply click the email icon in the upper-right hand corner. This will open up an email form that sends the content you are currently viewing to a friend/colleague.

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Font Size

There are three different font-size options when reading through a treatise. To change between the font sizes, select one of the “A”s in the upper-right hand corner that correspond to small, medium, and large font sizes.

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Highlight Updates

One of the most unique features of the NCLC Digital Library is the ability to “highlight” material that has been updated since the last printed revised edition. To show what has changed, click the “Highlight Updates” checkbox in the upper-right corner of any page in My Treatises. Clicking “Highlight Updates” also activates another unique feature; bracketed numbers at the beginning of each online footnote correspond to the footnote number in the most recent printed edition. Note that these bracketed numbers only appear if the print edition footnote number differs from the online footnote number.

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How do I log out?

To log out click your username in the upper-right corner and select “log out.”

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Multiple Print Copies

Those with multiple print copies of the same treatise receive multiple usernames for that treatise. (Purchase additional print copies of the same treatise by contacting NCLC--not available on the online bookstore.) To assign these additional user names to individuals in your organization, the primary user goes to: My Account>Additional Usernames> Manage Usernames.

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Multiple Windows/Tabs Open

The NCLC Digital Library permits only one computer at a time (a single user can’t be logged in on multiple machines). You may however have as many windows/tabs open as you like.

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What if I forget to log out on my home computer and later want to log in at my office?

The NCLC Digital Library gives you the opportunity to end any prior session that you are logged into, even if you are miles away from that computer. A dialogue box will appear asking which session you wish to terminate.

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What is My Account?

“My Account” contains all your user information including payment, address, preferences, your subscriptions, and payment history. To access, click on your username in the upper-right and select “My Account.”

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Search Tips

For a complete list of search tips, please click here.

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Searching Pleadings

To search through the pleadings go to the “Advanced Pleadings Search” located above the search bar in the menu. There you will be able to perform a search using filters by pleading type, subject, and legal claim and narrow it further by selecting “All Treatises” or “My Subscriptions.”

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Searching Within a Page

To search within a particular page, simply press the ctrl key and “f” (mac users use Command-F) at the same time to open your browser’s search function. Enter your keywords and the they should be highlighted on the page.

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Seaching within the table of contents or index

To search within the table of contents or the index, both found on the left pane, use the search box at the top of the left pane (“Jump to Section” or “Find in Index”).

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IP Purchase Instructions

IP access allows access to this site without a username or password where the device accessing the site is within a fixed IP range. IP access is available for organizations who purchase the complete set. IP access is provided at a fixed cost per location. Please email [email protected] for pricing and terms and conditions.

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Buying Books While Logged On Via IP (e.g. when at the library)

Select "Log out" in the upper right hand corner and proceed to purchase your books via the bookstore. When you are finished and wish to log back into the "IP account" click on “login” in the upper right and select “Log in Automatically.”

Terms of Use

The terms of use are found in My Account > User Information and on the footer of any page on this site.

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Refund Policy

NCLC has different refund policies for renewals and for initial purchases. Please see our refund policies.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will a specific treatise fully equip someone with the tools/new knowledge to organize a project or a practice?

Answer: Our books have been used by countless attorneys to help start their practice, gain invaluable legal experience and for use in the courtroom. If the table of contents, index, and summary aren’t enough to determine if a specific treatise is right for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us.

Question: Do you offer bulk discounts?

Answer: While not applicable for our 20 treatises (you can always order additional usernames, and set subscribers can purchase IP access), we do offer bulk rates on our print only books and brochures. Bulk rates are available in the bookstore, but please contact us with specific questions.

Question: Do you offer free trials?

Answer: Yes. Please contact [email protected] to inquire about a free trial of the NCLC Digital Library for your organization.

Question: I’m a non-attorney who is looking for a step-by step workbook to help me with my case/situation. Will your treatises be helpful?

Answer: Our treatises are written for practicing legal professionals. If you are seeking legal guidance we highly recommend contacting a lawyer. NACA is a great place to start your search. If you are seeking general knowledge of consumer law, we publish an excellent overview, the Guide to Surviving Debt, which is written in language anyone can understand

Please contact us if you still need help.