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Highlight and/or Annotate any text in the chapters, footnotes, or appendices:

To annotate: Select text, click on the annotation icon that appears, and then type and save your annotation.

To highlight: Select text, click on the annotation icon that appears, and then save without entering any text.

To edit an annotation: Hover the cursor over the annotation, click inside the bubble that appears, edit, and then save the text.

To delete an annotation or a highlight: Hover the cursor over the annotation and click the trash can icon inside the bubble that appears.

Who can use the annotation feature: Anyone with their own username can highlight and annotate.

Who can see my annotations: Your annotations are tied to your username and are only visible when your account has been logged in with your username.

What if I do not have a username: Those logging on at a library or elsewhere without the need of a username cannot use this feature.

What if I want others in my office to create their own personal annotations: Please contact [email protected], 617-542-9595, about adding extra usernames for your account.

Where can I find my annotations and highlights: After you log in with your username:

  • Click on "Notes" in the left pane on the home page
  • OR
  • Click "My Annotations/Highlighting" within any given treatise under the title's name on the left pane.

Expand the listing of annotations and highlights for more details.

Scrolling through my annotations: Hover over an entry in the left pane and the related text in the right pane changes color.

Tips for Tablets and Touch Screens:
•Press and hold and then select text and the annotation icon will appear.
•Use your device’s dictation function (if available; often a microphone icon on your device’s keyboard), making annotating on your tablet or phone easy.