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HUD Housing Programs: Tenants’ Rights Subscription Purchase Instructions

NHLP is selling subscriptions to the digital HUD Housing Programs: Tenants’ Rights (Green Book), along with a free printed copy. Each purchased subscription comes with one username which allows two simultaneous login sessions. The subscription is renewed annually. NHLP will provide a free printed copy to all current accounts every year a new edition is printed.

HUD Housing Programs: Tenants’ Rights IP Purchase Instructions

In addition to subscription purchases, customers may purchase IP access. IP access allows access to this site without a username or password where the device accessing the site is within a fixed IP range. Customers who purchase 10 or more subscriptions are eligible to receive the IP access without an additional charge with IP access limited to three (3) physical sites.

Educational institutions can purchase IP access to the digital Green Book for one (1) physical site. The purchase includes a free printed copy. Remote access is also available for Law Schools only.

Please email for pricing and terms and conditions.

Access to other NHLP Publications and Resources

NHLP produces a range of free publications for legal service attorneys, organizers, and housing advocates.

National Consumer Law Center Publications

National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) offers 21 titles on all areas of consumer law. Subscriptions are available for individual titles or for the complete 21-title set. You can order by calling 617-542-9595 (9AM to 5PM EST, Mon - Fri), emailing, or through the bookstore.



Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice (11th ed. 2016), updated online (two volumes): the definitive personal bankruptcy manual, from the initial interview to final discharge, including consumer rights when a company files for bankruptcy.


Fair Debt Collection (9th ed. 2018), updated online (two volumes): the basic reference covering the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and common law, state statutory, and other federal debt collection protections.


Foreclosures and Mortgage Servicing (5th ed. 2014), updated online: examines RESPA, CFPB rules, and other requirements placed on mortgage loan servicers, details loan modification and mediation programs, and covers every aspect of foreclosure defense.

Repossessions (9th ed. 2017), updated online: a unique guide to seizures of motor vehicles, manufactured homes, and household goods, including statutory liens, leases and rent-to-own.


Student Loan Law (5th ed. 2015), updated online: loan deferments, discharges, consolidations and repayment plans; tax intercepts, wage garnishment, and offset of Social Security benefits; private loans, and school abuses.


Access to Utility Service (6th ed. 2018), updated online: regulated and unregulated utilities, telecommunications, terminations, billing errors, low-income payment plans, subsidized housing, LIHEAP, and weatherization.


Truth in Lending (9th ed. 2015), updated online (two volumes): all aspects of TILA, the Consumer Leasing Act, the Fair Credit Billing Act, the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act (HOEPA), and the Credit CARD Act.


Fair Credit Reporting (9th ed. 2018), updated online: cleaning up blemished credit records, suing reporting agencies and creditors for inaccurate reports, identity theft, credit scor- ing, privacy issues, and the Credit Repair Organizations Act.


Mortgage Lending (2d ed. 2014), updated online: regulation (and federal preemption) of the origination and the terms of mortgage loans, including ability to pay, steering, appraisals, loan brokers, insurance, adjustable rates, reverse mortgages, and claims against failed banks.

Consumer Credit Regulation (2d ed. 2015), updated online: federal and state regulation (and federal preemption) concerning credit cards, payday loans, automobile finance, title pawns, rent-to-own, installment loans, and other non-mortgage lending.


Consumer Banking and Payments Law (6th ed. 2018), updated online: checks and telechecks; EFT; money orders and remittances; debit, payroll, and other prepaid cards; E-Sign; and electronic transfers of benefit payments.


Credit Discrimination (7th ed. 2018), updated online: the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Fair Housing Act, Civil Rights Acts, and state credit discrimination statutes.


Collection Actions (4th ed. 2017), updated online: defenses to collection lawsuits for credit card, medical, and other consumer debt, setting aside default judgments, and limitations on a collector’s post-judgment remedies.


Consumer Arbitration Agreements (7th ed. 2015), updated online: numerous ways to challenge the enforceability of an arbitration requirement.

Consumer Class Actions (9th ed. 2016), updated online: step-by-step approach to all aspects of class litigation, with numerous sample class pleadings, and state-by-state analysis of class action rules.


Consumer Law Pleadings (online only): over 2000 notable pleadings from all types of consumer cases, ready to paste into a word processor.


Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices (9th ed. 2016), updated online: covering all aspects of a deceptive practices case in every state, with citations to tens of thousands of state UDAP and FTC cases.


Automobile Fraud (6th ed. 2018), updated online: title law, “yo-yo” sales, odometer tampering, lemon laundering, sale of wrecked cars, undisclosed prior use, and prior damage to new cars.

Consumer Warranty Law (5th ed. 2015): new and used car lemon laws, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, UCC Article 2, manufactured home and new home warranty laws, and other state statutes.


Federal Deception Law (3d ed. 2017), updated online: The leading discussion of TCPA private remedies for robocalls, the FTC Holder Rule, and debt relief scams. Detailed analysis of CFPB UDAAP rulemaking, federal and state RICO, the federal False Claims Act, the FTC Telemarketing Rule, other FTC Rules.