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Food Expenses

You can save money on food in all kinds of ways, including:

  • ● Use coupons to save money on products you would generally buy.
  • ● Shop at different stores to get the best prices.
  • ● Plan menus ahead of time instead of at the grocery store.
  • ● Try not to shop when you’re hungry.
  • ● Shop without your kids, if possible.
  • ● Buy cheaper store brands.
  • ● Eat at home whenever possible.
  • ● Pack a lunch for school or work rather than eating out.
  • ● Bring coffee to work or drink free coffee at your office if it’s available.
  • ● Check out food pantries.
  • ● Determine your eligibility for food stamps (SNAP), WIC, and free and reduced school lunches. (See Chapter 9.)