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Sample Listing of Monthly Income, Expenses, and Debts

Monthly Income

This is a sample listing of a family’s last month’s income. Your income may include other sources than those listed here, such as workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, food stamps, other public benefits, or pensions. For wages, use take-home pay. If self-employed, include all income and also list under expenses any income taxes and self-employment taxes you pay in a given month.

Monthly Expenses

This is a sample listing of monthly expenses. Your expenses may include other categories or you may wish to use different categories than the ones listed below. Estimate as best you can all your actual expenses during the prior month.

Debts Outstanding

This is a sample listing of a family’s debts that are still due in the current month. The source of your debts, amounts, and interest rates will be different than in this sample. For credit card debts, include either the minimum payment due or another amount if that is what you regularly pay each month.