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Special Protections for Active Duty Military

If you are on active duty in the military or left within the past nine months, or you are the spouse or dependent of someone on active duty, you have special protections from foreclosure under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. This Act applies to all types of mortgage loans, but only applies if you entered into the loan before your current period of active duty.

Even if you are in a state that allows nonjudicial foreclosures, the lender must obtain a court order or your written permission to foreclose on your home. In any court foreclosure case brought against you, you can request the court in writing for a ninety-day (or even longer) delay. Explain why your military duties affect your ability to appear in court, give the date when you will be able to appear, and include a statement by your commanding officer that your military duties prevent you from appearing in court and that leave is not authorized.

Make sure you receive in writing a statement that the case against you has been delayed. The court also can lower your mortgage payments or add your back payments to your loan balance if your military service affects your ability to make your payments.