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1.2.3 Unreported Cases

This treatise sometimes cites to unreported decisions and other material available at Such decisions and material are provided in alphabetical order in portable document format (PDF). Readers are encouraged to submit similar material for possible inclusion on this site to for NCLC’s consideration.

A limited number of the older cases and other materials in this book are cited with Clearinghouse numbers. These were submitted to and stored by the National Clearinghouse for Legal Services, now the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law (, and are not stored at NCLC. We would appreciate your forwarding to us copies of any of these cases if you obtain them from the Shriver Center (so NCLC can make them more easily available to the public) or if you obtain them from the court or another source (some of this material is presently unavailable from the Shriver Center). We will post these cases on a website that provides access to the general public. Please mail such cases to NCLC Publications, 7 Winthrop Sq., Boston, MA 02110; fax them to 1-617-542-8028 to the attention of “editorial”; or email them to, with “Attention: Editorial” in the subject line.