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1.2.4 Pleadings and Primary Sources

Student Loan Law’s digital version includes pleadings and discovery, practice tools, and primary source materials that can easily be downloaded, printed, and cut and pasted into documents. They are listed at the bottom of the table of contents found in the left pane and are fully searchable. Search filters allow users to search across only pleadings or only primary sources. To search for pleadings, using the Advanced Pleadings Search tool, found above the search box, is recommended.

Practice tools include numerous Department of Education forms, guides, and other material, including some sample requests for cancellation. The primary sources include federal statutes, regulations, and interpretation letters, as well as reports, school investigations, and information on private debt collection. The pleadings and discovery include sample complaints, discovery requests, initial motions, orders, appellate briefs, class action documents, and bankruptcy pleadings. Most pleadings are available in Microsoft Word format. Over 2000 additional pleadings are available online in NCLC’s Consumer Law Pleadings. The most effective way to search for pleadings is to use the Advanced Pleadings Search tool found above the search box, which is displayed at the top right of a page.