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1.11.5 Postponing Payment

The question of how and whether a borrower may postpone payment depends on whether the client is already in default. Borrowers who are not yet in default are eligible for deferments. The various deferment programs detailed in Chapter 4, infra, should be reviewed at this point. Forbearance, available both before and after default, should also be considered. Both deferment and forbearance options are discussed in Chapter 4, infra. However, borrowers eligible for an affordable monthly payment—which could be as low as zero dollars—under an income-driven repayment plan may find enrolling in such a plan to be a better option than using a deferment or forbearance because of the potential for loan forgiveness.349


  • 349 {339} Only time spent in the economic hardship deferment category counts toward the IBR forgiveness period. See § 3.3.3, infra.